A Rough Outline of the Looming Political Campaign

House Democrats have been eager to vote to impeach President Trump  since January 3, 2019 when  they became the majority in the 116th Congress.  On that day, House Resolution 13 was submitted by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) for himself and Rep. Al Green (D-Texas).  This resolution called for the "impeachment and trial, and removal from office" of President Trump.  It is to be expected that the impeachment vote will be adopted, roughly by the 232-196 vote that authorized a one-sided, invidious "impeachment inquiry."  The impeachment resolution will probably be brought to the Senate by early 2020, if not sooner.  The Senate, however, can be expected to give short shrift to the biased impeachment resolution drafted by the Democrats. Bear in mind that 50 Republican senators sponsored a resolution that, in a remarkable final preambular paragraph singling out the chairman of the Intelligence Committee by name,...(Read Full Article)
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