A New Paradigm to Beat the Gun-Grabbers

General Patton wrote of mounted swordsmanship that the best parry is a disabled opponent, and the same principle applies to political conflicts. The pro-Second Amendment side makes the mistake of "defending its Second Amendment rights," aka "preaching to the choir." Those who support the Second Amendment do not need persuasion while the Propaganda Man, the undecided or even hostile voter whom we seek to at least alienate from the enemy, does not own firearms and does not care about "our gun rights." Our goal instead should be to prove to the Propaganda Man that the enemy leaders are dishonest, manipulative, and self-serving. This offensive rather than defensive approach destroyed the anti-Second Amendment Million Mom March more than 19 years ago and will discredit its counterparts today.. The Downfall of the Million Mom March Some of our readers who are now old enough to vote might not have even been alive in 2000 when the Million Mom March, a...(Read Full Article)
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