A Liberal Doomsayer Has the Solution to All Our Woes

Ian Bremmer is a respected thinker who, as President of Eurasia Group, has a large following that includes Lawrence Summers, Bill Gates, and Christine Lagarde.  In Us vs. Them (New York, 2018) and a host of other books, Bremmer presents a frightening vision of the future.  Machines displacing people, the rising power of China, unrest among the displaced at home and abroad, increasing division and violence...not a rosy scenario, but it sells books. Like nearly all futurists, Bremmer describes a world of "unprecedented" challenges — a world "unlike any we've seen before" and one requiring unprecedented government and corporate solutions.  Prognosticators like Bremmer have played this game since time immemorial.  Malthus with his population bomb, a phrase echoed in the title of Paul and Anne Ehrlich's 1968 best-seller; Rachel Carson's Silent Spring; M. King Hubbert's concept of Peak Oil; and Al...(Read Full Article)
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