Who Will Police the World after America?

An Iranian oil tanker, detained by London in Gibraltar, is released at the end of September after the mullahs promise that its cargo will not go to Syria, which is under U.N. embargo for crimes against humanity.  But after identification via American satellite images from October 1, 2019, this is exactly what happens.  U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo accompanies the photos with a tweet: "Despite Iran FM Zarif's promise to the UK that the AdrianDarya1 would not deliver oil to Syria, it is now transferring oil off the Syrian coast.  Will the world hold Iran accountable if this oil is delivered to Syria?" Britain can no longer hold anyone to account.  Pompeo's America, which has served, since 1945, as a last-resort global law enforcement power, no longer is strong enough.  The secretary of state does not even hint at a possible address of "the world" to turn to — unless his visit to the Vatican on...(Read Full Article)
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