Where Will Francisco Franco Remain?

The world today is full of dictators.  All are characterized by similar features: concentration of political power, no social liberty or personal freedoms, absence of the rule of law, manipulation of the media, personally cruel and frightening.  Figures of the recent past were plentiful: Idi Amin in Uganda, Augusto Pinochet in Chile, François Duvivier in Haiti, and Pol Pot in Cambodia, not to mention the archetypal exemplars, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  Close to the latter two was Generalisimo Francisco Franco, exponent of severe repression and suppression of dissidents, concentration camps, forced labor, and executions.  The world contends with the unusual question of what to do with fallen and dead dictators.  The problem has arisen in democratic countries that experienced dictatorial regimes in pre–World War II Europe.  Symbols of Hitler are gone, as are those of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, but Franco...(Read Full Article)
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