Being 'Woke' has a Price

It’s important to always remember that our actions will have consequences. When I first became a writer, my wife strongly recommended that I refrain from publicly expressing any personal religious or political views because I am a Christian and conservative. She was afraid that my marketability would be adversely affected, and that publishers in particular might be put off by my conservative views. Perhaps she’s right, but now she has become my publisher. The only question will be whether or not the potential audience for my books, novels, and short stories will associate my work with my personal beliefs, but after having books published with titles such as Divine Evolution and Counterargument for God  associated with my name as well as my writing for American Thinker and my personal blog, I don’t think I’ll be fooling very many people. Where are they now? We ask that question all the time -- we’ll remember a name or a face from the past and...(Read Full Article)
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