When Military Suicides Become Personal

“I’m going to kill myself. Tonight.” This wasn’t the first time I’d heard my son, a mid-level Army NCO, say he wanted to end his life. The previous time was right after the divorce when his wife moved away and took their daughter with her. After some anxious hours, that incident had ended on a hopeful note, to the relief of all involved. This time was different. He stated clearly that he was going to do it that night. Why? To escape his troubles. Was it another episode of his PTSD after multiple combat deployments? What alarmed me was his determination. He was at emotional rock bottom, looking for escape from his demons and not seeing a path forward in life. Hearing him speak that way frightened me to the core of my being. My wife and daughter were hearing my side of the conversation and quickly became alarmed. Over the next hour and a quarter our phone connection was broken several times and each time I feared he was taking the action he was...(Read Full Article)
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