Trump vs. Warren: Trump Builds, Warren Destroys

President Trump's vision of our country is America First.  Unlike all presidents of the past 30 years, Donald Trump is not afraid of saying he puts his own people first.  Everything he does is in the interest of ordinary Americans. The policy of America First rejects the globalist and universalist policies of the past that saw America as just one nation among others — and a guilty and undeserving nation at that.  The low point in this anti-American era was President Obama's apology tour of 2009, during which he traveled to Europe and the Middle East apologizing for everything America had done in the past and promising that we would do better in the future.  They loved it in Berlin and Cairo, places where they do not love America and where they do not share our fundamental values of individual liberty.  Obama spoke the words that other nations wanted to hear, and he spoke them because he shared their...(Read Full Article)
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