The Nobel Prize goes to the Wrong Person

A haunting, troubling social problem is whether we, as a society, should honor people who have achieved fame in some form of intellectual or artistic achievement but have committed an act or acts that are despicable. Can we distinguish between the creator and the creation? Will a potential Immanuel Kant Prize for Perpetual Peace be given to Kim Jong-un, or a United Nations award to Charles Lindbergh, brave aviator but proponent of anti-Semitism? The issue is made more uncertain by two factors: certain fields, especially science, may be more conducive to separability of the celebrated work and the person than others that are less quantitative and tangible fields; or the act under criticism may be considered in the context of the times.  In any case, the line for acceptability or rejection of awards is not automatic. Ideologies of the 20th century and behavior caused by or related to the Nazi and fascist regimes have been at the core of this problem of who should be...(Read Full Article)
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