The Myth of the ‘Exploited’ Athlete

Beginning in 2023, California’s “Fair Pay to Play” law will allow the state’s college athletes to be compensated for their name, likeness, and image. As athletes are not allowed to share in the massive revenues their talents make possible, they are in effect being exploited, supporters of the law argue. But are college athletes really being exploited? While “conventional wisdom” tells us they are, conventional wisdom is often wrong… as it is here. While advocates of “Fair Pay to Play” emphasize the financial benefits athletes do not receive, largely missing from the narrative is all of the benefits athletes do receive. Much of the discussion about college sports typically omits the fact that poor college athletes are already being paid. Disadvantaged student athletes at most big-time athletic programs receive both Pell Grants and “cost of attendance” stipends as part of their...(Read Full Article)
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