Sojourns in Germany: Hoping against the Demise of Europe

Got back late from Europe with my wife, after a grueling day of travel — train from Passau to Landshut, connection to Munich airport, and an eleven-plus-hour flight to S.F.  Travel by train in Germany and on Lufthansa was, as usual, easy and altogether pleasant, but the nicest part of the trek was the young Asian Uber driver at S.F. Airport, who kindly helped the exhausted old guy by lifting all the bags, including a very heavy one, into and out of the trunk.  That's not part of his job description. Random impressions, recollections, and thoughts: In general, based on where we went and what we saw, much that is good and beautiful is still left in Europe. Can it all survive another 100 years of drastically low birth rates and massive immigration from nations and cultures that neither wish to assimilate nor respect the values that built it?  The elites, unsurprisingly, claim to think so.  The working and middle classes, who are...(Read Full Article)
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