Slight of Hand

Nothing is what it appears to be. We know this deep in our bones, but rarely do we spend much time digging into ultimate realities. America’s wealth and vitality have made it possible for most of us to entertain ourselves and go about our business, rarely thinking too deeply about anything. We had a little flurry of shock and curiosity when JFK was assassinated, but that has petered out. The tragedy of 9/11 has worn off. Those things came and went, but didn’t seem to hit at the core of the American soul.  All that’s happening now does. If it weren’t for my firm belief that Almighty God controls history, I’d be beside myself; things seem so unsettled. We no longer have two political parties, rather two separate realities, which, given the Law of Non-contradiction, means one of them is highly delusional. Which camp is that? Which one is the cult? One can’t watch the frantic activity in the progressive camp and not be both amused and...(Read Full Article)
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