Slavery Is Alive and Well

Multiculturalists, being devoid of convincing arguments, use black slavery as a club to beat white people into submission. After clubbing by academia, media, and others, many whites have capitulated to the progressives’ guilt-preaching that has produced copious tears because of their cursed whiteness and white privilege. Frankly, such unfair, untrue, and unfortunate “missionary” activity by progressives is demeaning to blacks and distorts the historical tragedy perpetrated by depraved white slavers, degenerate black chiefs, and desperate settlers in America and other areas of the world. Black slavery is a scandal, a scab, and a scar on the face of America and we must never permit it to be mistaken, muddled, or mitigated; however, with the fanatics in the media, a balanced narrative is unlikely to happen. Honest white people are willing to say, “Okay, I’m embarrassed that white people were involved in such an obscene practice; but no living...(Read Full Article)
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