Putin and Trump: Two Contrasting Conservatisms

Having arisen as a response to negative consequences of the French Revolution of 1789, conservatism has reappeared as a means of gaining ideological and value consolidation in the ideological chaos of the modern world. In these days of our lives that could be characterized by inconsistency of political processes, high levels of information entropy, and blurred value orientations, the conservative agenda is becoming increasingly appealing. It is known that everything new is well-forgotten old. Therefore, the phenomenon of reappearing dominance of the conservative vector requires conceptual substantiation and attracts the attention of specialists and representatives of the political and intellectual establishment of the world's leading states. Thus, in February 2019, an article was published titled “The Long-lasting State of Putin” written by Vladislav Surkov -- the assistant to the Russian President. Being Putin’s advisor, and often referred to as the...(Read Full Article)
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