Proving a Negative

Proving a negative -- proving that the absence of something is definitively due to very specific reasons or circumstances -- is an inexact science at best. There is a hugely significant “negative” that  has occurred recently, one that is quite plausibly due to some very distinct actions and clear-cut decisions made by the American oil industry and the Trump administration: the non-event that has happened is world crude oil prices not rising in spite of the cruise missile and drone attack on the Saudi oil fields on September 14th, 2019 that destroyed a significant portion of Saudi oil production, the missile attack on an Iranian oil tanker in waters off Saudi Arabia on October 11th, 2019 and new Mideast unrest in the form of Turkey’s military incursion into Syria in mid-October. In years past, any one of these incidents would have spooked the world’s oil market into n hysterical price spike; today, the cumulative effect of all of them is not even a murmur...(Read Full Article)
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