Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

To many, the charges and countercharges, subpoenas and congressional hearings, might look like a three-ring circus in which solons up for re-election are vying for airtime to fill their re-election coffers. To me, this is a modern-day replay of the classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. If you’ve never seen it or forgotten the plot, here’s a quick take. Through a fluke -- actually a coin toss by a corrupt governor -- an outsider is picked over a known stooge of that era's Deep State crowd, on the grounds that the outsider is a naïf who will be easily manipulated. The Washington press quickly labels the new senator a bumpkin who has no business being in the Senate. Unwise to their machinations and the extent of the rot, the new senator (played by James Stewart) introduces a bill to authorize a loan for a national boys’ camp. (Yes, it’s dated, today the camp would have to accommodate -- what is it now, 72? -- genders.)   Unknown...(Read Full Article)
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