Moral Relativism Taking Over Everything: Sports, Politics, Libraries

In a letter he wrote in 1953, C.S. Lewis lamented the "apostasy of the great part of Europe from the Christian faith."  This apostasy, Lewis warned, presented "very grave dangers."  If Lewis could see Europe today, he would rightly conclude that his warnings went almost completely unheeded. Lewis continued: For my part I believe we ought to work not only at spreading the Gospel (that certainly) but also at a certain preparation for the Gospel. It is necessary to recall many to the law of nature before we talk about God.  For Christ promises forgiveness of sins: but what is that to those who, since they do not know the law of nature, do not know that they have sinned? ... Moral relativity is the enemy we have to overcome before we tackle Atheism. If moral relativity was an "enemy" in 1950s Europe, I'm not sure of the correct noun to describe what it is in twenty-first-century...(Read Full Article)
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