It's All About 'Justice'

Candidates for political office have long sought to find and use phrases and themes to rally support. “A chicken in every pot,” “compassionate conservatism,” “change we need,” and “I’m with her,” have all been employed in past presidential races. That today’s political liberals have been effective in sowing division into America is no secret. Our nation is divided into classes and categories like never before. While once our divisions were generally limited to race and economic stature, we now seem to have more dividing lines than can be numbered: rich/poor, cis-gender/trans (and every other kind of)-gender, gun owner/gun grabber, open border/secure border, Trump-lover/Trump-hater, and on and on it goes. Liberals have taken to a new method of phrase creating to go hand-in-hand with persuading the subdivisions of people groups that they have either formed or at least are pandering to: the need for “justice.”...(Read Full Article)
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