Is Trump Luring Kim and Xi into a Death Trap?

One of the Machiavellian principles of power, at least inferred, is that dictators must surround themselves with their enemies.  This sounds illogical, but it's true.  Mafia bosses must surround themselves with a protective layer of brutal, murderous thugs, who will willingly carry out orders to kill potential enemies.  Yet how many mafia bosses have been murdered by their own supposed protectors? A dictatorship is nothing more than an organized crime mob on steroids.  The head of state must brutally suppress (read: murder) anyone and everyone who poses even a remote threat to his power.  Dictators do not get voted out of office.  They get carried out, feet first. Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea (the title of chairman is a euphemism), is exceedingly paranoid.  Paranoia in a dictator is not a disorder; it is a necessary survival mechanism.  Kim not only murders anyone and everyone whom he...(Read Full Article)
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