Iran's Missile Attack Hoax

On October 11, 2019, Iran announced that one of its oil tankers was struck by missiles while operating in the Red Sea. Almost two weeks later, exactly what happened to the tanker Sabiti remains unclear, and no independent information has emerged to confirm that there ever was an attack. What is clear is that the official Iranian explanation is nonsensical. The original Iranian report identified a different Iranian tanker, the Sinopa, as having been struck. At the time of the alleged attack the Sinopa was indeed in the Red Sea, but was some distance away from the Sabiti, sailing in a completely different direction to a different destination. How a report from a tanker stating that it had been attacked was then confused with an attack on a completely different vessel, the Sabiti, remains unexplained. At the time of the alleged attack the Sabiti had been operating with its maritime tracking system switched off for some two months. The system was reactivated only after the...(Read Full Article)
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