International Blue Privilege Meets the Trump Wrecking Ball

Another chapter in the saga of attempting the removal of President Trump is upon us:  Ukraine.  The crisis continues to clarify the dangerous but persistent problem of an elite intellectual power structure that refuses to yield or be removed from its established positions in the most powerful nation in the world.  Blue privilege is the power over language that determines what is appropriate and inappropriate so that individuals can be found as transgressing a moral order held by that elite.  Its origins can be traced as far back as Plato’s Republic.  Ruthless manifestations of its contemporary roots were seen in the French Revolution. It is, of course, contradictory and only applies as the interest of those in blue to whom it is dedicated.  This blue privilege power structure is bipartisan as well articulated by Republican politician Mitt Romney.  It is perfectly okay for some individuals to influence foreign governments for the purpose of...(Read Full Article)
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