Impeachment: The Politics of Futility

Do you remember when? When liberals were extolling “whistleblowers” as disgruntled nobodies that deserved protection against retaliation for exposing corruption in government offices? Disgruntled? Today’s heroic Ukraine whistleblowers are now merely well-connected swamp creatures, coordinating their swampy exposure of the vile Trump with the majority staff of congressional committees. And it seems that the Ukraine connection is merely about the Ukrainians desperately seeking money and influence anywhere they can find it in order to keep their Russian Threat at bay. My question is: What is the Point, swampies? What is the point of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hanging on as Speaker at the age of 79 -- she’ll be 80 in March? So she can coordinate a nonimpeachment impeachment of President Trump to keep her lefty extremists satisfied? Pelosi has five children and presumably numerous grandchildren. Would not she be better employed imparting her wisdom to her...(Read Full Article)
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