IC Inspector General Atkinson’s Coup

With the dispensing of “firsthand” knowledge as a requirement for making a whistleblower complaint, ICIG Michael Atkinson unleashed what he must have known would result in multiple complaints where the basis was purely political.  And in doing so, he has converted whistleblowers into nothing more than leakers and complainers. Think about it.  If there is no requirement for actually having witnessed the actions a “whistleblower” is complaining about, complaints can include anything because the protections afforded a whistleblower provides him not only anonymity but also immunity from any repercussions for making claims that aren’t true -- absent provable malice, of course.  Schiff recently justified keeping testimony to his sham “impeachment inquiry” secret by saying that according to the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, “The whistleblower has the right in the statute to remain...(Read Full Article)
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