How the Senate Should Handle Impeachment

When Senate Republicans drafted a resolution condemning the House for hearing witness testimony behind closed doors while excluding Republicans in violation of the President’s Due Process rights, beyond the scrutiny of cross examination and the rules of evidence, and then demanded the House conduct a formal vote and provide Due Process protections as well as minority participation, cheers rang out among rank and file Republicans:  Senate Republicans finally threw away their tiddlywinks and actually stepped things up by bringing a knife to the Democrats’ gun fight!  Not unsurprisingly, the positive yields from punching back versus simply taking it have been immediate with Speaker Nancy Pelosi feeling so backed into a corner that she has been forced to formalize the impeachment process in her own resolution, set to be voted on this week. All this in a matter of hours.  But a knife at a gun fight won’t cut it.  It’s time for Senate...(Read Full Article)
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