Guerrilla Politics

At the national level, bipartisan civility has given way to guerrilla politics. The protracted divide among elected officials has caused the memory of cooperation for the common good of America to slip quietly into the shadows. Taking its place is an electorate directed by an extreme polarization in party leadership. The goal of the left is the retention and achievement of more political power while the right strives to keep the campaign promises made by Donald Trump. The political process has stalled, maybe fully fractured, and the message being received by voters is “the citizenry be damned.” President Trump promised to ‘Make America Great Again’ and has delivered on that promise, much to the dismay of the Democrats. His achievements have essentially eliminated the ability of the left to cast a worthwhile platform for the 2020 election. Even those voters supporting the left who are only casually familiar with the political landscape know that the...(Read Full Article)
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