Dismaying Dumbed-down Discourse

  Who knew there were so many ignorant people in the world?  In 2006, I watched a comedy called Idiocracy about our country becoming so dumb thanks to cultural influences that a man with average intelligence is regarded as a genius after awakening from an induced hibernation for 5 centuries.  This past month looking at the worldwide Children Climate Crusade protests, I fear that film is coming into reality. All around the world, thousands of indoctrinated and misguided children of the corn skipped school to carry signs warning about the danger of weather, oops, I mean climate change. The very idea that the United Nations delegates had to be scolded by a 16 year-old Swedish girl suffering from Aspergers syndrome (who is perceived by the left to be a climate change expert) is evidence total insanity has reared its ugly head. What were these delegates thinking as she ranted about their inaction on the climate crisis? Why weren’t they heeding the latest...(Read Full Article)
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