Democrats' Contempt for the Sanctity of Life

Ed Buck, a prominent Democrat donor and fundraiser, has been charged with battery, administering illegal drugs, and operating a drug house.  The charges paint a disturbing picture of this wealthy scion of liberal politics.  At this time, two men have been identified as having died and a third having been seriously harmed, but prosecutors are said to have found hundreds of photographs "of men in compromising positions" who may have been lured to Buck's home with the promise of money, shelter, and drugs. This case raises many questions, not just concerning the several felonies with which Buck has been charged, but about the morality of this and other prominent liberals.  On what basis could any human being engage in sexual conduct with "hundreds" of unfortunate human beings, using them like playthings and then casting them aside?  What does such conduct suggest about the capacity of some individuals to use others for...(Read Full Article)
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