Can a Socialist Win in 2020?

Over half of bettors now believe the beer-chugging socialist Cherokee princess will be the Democrat nominee to face President Donald Trump in 2020, which is more than 32 percent higher than the next closest candidate. This number is likely to climb higher since it has not yet factored in the effect of Bernie Sanders’ heart attack.  His support will almost certainly start shifting to Warren, who has positioned herself as Sanders 2.0, the new and improved model.  That number also hasn’t fully factored in the effect of the latest impeachment hysteria on Joe Biden’s standing, since he is still at 20% betting odds.  In the media-Democrat cabal’s thirst to bring down Trump, they have all but destroyed Biden’s campaign to where he was last seen on his knees begging media executives to keep Rudy Giuliani off their news programs, since anyone who pays even a modicum of attention to the story will see the corruption screaming back at...(Read Full Article)
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