Can a Socialist Win in 2020?

Over half of bettors now believe the beer-chugging socialist Cherokee princess will be the Democrat nominee to face President Donald Trump in 2020, which is more than 32 percent higher than the next closest candidate.

This number is likely to climb higher since it has not yet factored in the effect of Bernie Sanders’ heart attack.  His support will almost certainly start shifting to Warren, who has positioned herself as Sanders 2.0, the new and improved model. 

That number also hasn’t fully factored in the effect of the latest impeachment hysteria on Joe Biden’s standing, since he is still at 20% betting odds. 

In the media-Democrat cabal’s thirst to bring down Trump, they have all but destroyed Biden’s campaign to where he was last seen on his knees begging media executives to keep Rudy Giuliani off their news programs, since anyone who pays even a modicum of attention to the story will see the corruption screaming back at them. 

The two most inconvenient facts in this narrative is that Biden’s son mysteriously became something resembling a Ukrainian energy czar despite no apparent qualification and the fact that Biden threatened Ukraine if the country didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating the corrupt company.  The U.S.S. Biden was already taking on water before this latest fiasco but he is now headed squarely to the bottom.

While Warren may not define herself as a socialist, her positions are all but indistinguishable from those of Sanders.  They both support Medicare-for-all, the Green New Deal, and Warren promised to declare war on U.S. energy companies on day one. 

At the last debate, Warren and Sanders may as well have been the same person.  If it talks like a socialist and quacks like a socialist, it’s an albino Cherokee Indian.

So, how did we get to this point where a socialist is likely to represent a major U.S. political party?  More importantly, can a socialist actually win in 2020?

Bernie Sanders’ success in 2016 was the canary in the coal mine.  He was supposed to be the sacrificial lamb to be steamrolled by the corrupt tornado in the blue pantsuit on her way to the coronation.  But the spitting angry socialist madman excited the brainwashed and threatened to take down the establishment’s chosen one, forcing them to ride in on their noble steed and rescue the damsel in distress. 

Many people wrote this off as an aberration caused by the sheer awfulness of Hilary Clinton both as a candidate and a person.  But, it reflected forces playing out beneath the surface of the public’s eye.         

America’s universities have been pushing socialism for decades and after eight years of a president who promised to fundamentally transform America, a large percentage of the Democrat primary electorate was ready to go full socialist.

Over fifty percent of Democrat voters now have a favorable opinion of socialism and they are the driving energy in the party.  This is why the freshmen squad that consists of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the two raging anti-Semites, and the forgotten fourth command so much power to where the New York Times called them the future of the party

If you combine the numbers of the various Democrat presidential candidates between those who might be called establishment and those who are radicals, it isn’t that close. 

Biden’s best hope was for Warren and Sanders to split the vote, enabling him to slip through.  For a time, that looked likely.  But, if Sanders support moves decisively to Queen Crab Dip, Biden is done.

So, can Warren actually win in 2020?

Many people in the baby boomer generation, unaware of the radical takeover of so many of America’s institutions, can’t even comprehend what’s going on.  How can America embrace the failed philosophy of the evil empires America paid so much in blood and treasure to defeat (National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union)?  The “better red than dead“ mantra of the 50s is morphing into “Let’s be Venezuela! Only we’ll do it better.” 

Warren’s primary power base is academia, the media, and college graduates who spent four years engrossed in Marxist and intersectional identity-politics indoctrination.  That’s what’s driving Warren forward.  That’s why the media can’t stop gushing about her intelligence and how perfect a campaign she is running.  They love her because they are her.    

They don’t care that she is an identity-politics fraud who built her success on her false American Indian heritage despite being whiter than a snow-cone dipped in Elmer’s glue.  She makes Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman look like rank amateurs, despite both likely facing prison time.  In a saner party and a more responsible media environment, this would have been disqualifying. 

Even at that, this election is going to be close regardless who the Democrats nominate.  While Warren is one of the weakest candidates, since she likely won’t perform well in the rust belt, nor do I think she will excite turnout in the cities or among the Cuban-American population in Florida.  But she is also the most dangerous candidate. 

It is not hard to envision a scenario where Warren loses the rust belt but still picks up the votes she needs in other states that are trending more favorably to the Democrats, like Arizona and North Carolina.  There are a lot of unknown unknowns that will play out between now and election day.

One of the best things Republicans can do to prevent this unimaginably horrific outcome is to stand together.  This is why the actions of Mitt Romney and so many other #NeverTrump Republicans are so despicable.  President Trump stands against a rising tsunami of darkness, and these small-minded Republicans are yipping at his heels trying to damage him. 

Bill Kristol tweeted out a childish survey claiming it would show “how much of a hellscape Twitter is.”  The survey asked whether you respect Donald Trump or Mitt Romney more.  This was a tired bid for relevancy by somebody who knows that the only way to command attention is to invite comments from people who know he is awful.

If Kristol, Romney, and the rest of the clueless collaborators really want to see a hellscape, damage the president to the point where the socialist nightmare is elected.       

Any damage these useful idiots inflict on Trump will only help elect Warren and it is hard to see how America could survive her election as a Constitutional Republic.  In fact, based on the spending she promises and the damage she will inflict on the economy, it is hard to envision how America could survive at all.   

We are at an inflection point in history.  America’s president is under tremendous assault for standing against the tide of darkness.  Conservatives will need to fight like never before in 2020 since, if Warren or the Democrats win, tyranny is coming that much sooner. 

That transformative process has been underway for some time.  Liberals have paved the soil for the great socialist moment by taking over the bureaucracy, the media, and academia while attacking America’s history and founding principles.

America will likely be offered the choice to vote itself into socialism in 2020.  It is hard to imagine how America gets back out if and when it takes that plunge.      

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