Bill de Blasio's Great White Lie

When peddling left-wing equality policy, there’s no selling point quite like claiming there are too many whiteys about. So, when there aren’t, you simply dissemble. A case in point is the effort by Mayor Bill de Blasio to “diversify” NYC’s “Elite Eight” public high schools. De Blasio and his schools chancellor, Richard Carranza, are unhappy there aren’t “enough” blacks and Hispanics at the elite schools, so they’d cooked up a scheme to eliminate the institutions’ admissions exams (which, ensuring that only the most capable students gain entrance, are the only reason the schools are elite in the first place). Bill de Blasio looks to his left as mayor (photo credit: Vimeo screen grab) While de Blasio has started waffling on the plan — interestingly, coinciding with his presidential run’s termination — you can’t effect such a radical change without some powerful “social...(Read Full Article)
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