A Way for Trump to Drain the Swamp

When you enter the Everglades, you know you'll find alligators and pythons.  You just don't know how many.  And no matter where you are, you can see only a few that are close to you. There can be an alligator right under your boat that you never see, because it can stay submerged for half an hour.  The snake may be back in its hole.  The only way to get them all is to blanket thousands of square miles with millions of hunters. D.C. is not at all different.  As we are learning from the Ukraine leaks, someone with a security clearance and an ax to grind has been hiding in plain sight close to the president.  He's not the only one.  Unfortunately, with few true allies, Donald Trump is necessarily walking with blinders on.  He needs all the help he can get.  And his help is ready and waiting, just waiting to have the shackles removed. Judicial Watch has just released the contents of...(Read Full Article)
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