2020: The Left Goes to War

A victory by Donald Trump next November will result in widespread rioting, property damage, people injured, and many communities irreparably damaged.  Some innocent people may even lose their lives. Most of us have heard the investment disclaimer, "Past performance is no guarantee of future results."  It's true; just because an investor has made oodles of money in the past, that doesn't mean he will make oodles in the future. Yet investment ain't politics, and politics ain't pattycake.  Since its birth in the anti-globalist riots in Seattle two decades ago, the Antifa movement has been violent.  Trump's re-election will surely mean not only more of the same, but, with Antifa's exponential growth under the tutelage of the Democrat-media complex, much more.  The Left has demonstrated time and again that they believe that there is too much at stake to accept the limitations of our...(Read Full Article)
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