Why Doesn't Israel Just Reconquer Gaza?

Why doesn't Israel just go in and conquer Gaza?  To those who support Israel, such a conquest might sound simple and tidy.  Go in and take out the Hamas leadership, and the problem will be solved. Only it won't be solved. Israel was in full control of Gaza from 1967 to 2005, and it was not a serene time.  By 2005, a constant stream of low-grade urban warfare was the norm.  Going back into Gaza would just fire up the original problem. The "official" Israeli reason for the "withdrawal" from Gaza in 2005 was that Israel was willing to trade land for peace.  And, yes, that theme is still pushed by Israeli spokesmen and the media.  However, another unspoken reason was Israel's fear of demographics.  That reason is rarely stated, as it makes Israel's motives less benevolent than the Israelis would care to admit.  Israel didn't trade land for peace; rather, it was...(Read Full Article)
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