Why Breasts Matter

There is a movement afoot to liberate female breasts and it goes by the name “Free the Nipples.”  Apparently, our breasts want out.  Out of our clothing, that is.  That’s right.  There is a spectre haunting America -- of clothes -- and women have nothing to lose but their shirts.  So whadaya say?  Knockers of the world, unite!  Out with yesterday’s bra-burners (they’re so last century, anyway) and in with the Nipple Warriors! Let’s face it, our girls just can't take the oppression and discrimination anymore: the frustrating bra shopping, the annual breast exams, the painful mammograms, the perpetual fear of nip slip, and let’s not forget, the fondling.  Our girls go through so much.  And so do we.  Who hasn’t rushed home after a long day being strapped and trapped in a Maidenform, to rip off her bra and let it all hang out?  But, apparently, it’s not enough that our...(Read Full Article)
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