Why Are Republicans Caving to Socialist Price-Setters?

If you look around, it's hard not to conclude that we are in an especially critical political moment. The Democrats, half driven to madness by anti-Trump rage and freed to state their true convictions by Trump's unsettling of the status quo, headed straight to the Loony Left. The Republican picture is more complicated. Many Republicans have gone along with the Trump era less with fervor than out of fear. And the economic logic of Trump's populist instincts is mixed. Trade is a special area where more aggressive maneuverings can achieve important aims even if they cause temporary, short-term harm. But one instinct that has been seeping from the socialist left into the Republicans side in the Trump era ought to be expelled forthwith. It is the temptation to use price controls to set the world as one wishes it would be. A price control is the government setting prices to some arbitrarily desirable rate by fiat. In the 1970s, it was gas prices....(Read Full Article)
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