When Trump Fights the Left, He Punches Up

President Trump sent out a tweetstorm on Sunday morning on a wide range of topics that included media corruption, the economy, failing union leadership, the Democrats' employment of the tired racism charge, and Hurricane Dorian, among other subjects. He called out a few people and organizations by name, to include America's worst economist, Paul Krugman, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the "Amazon Washington Post," and the Squad. A common critique on message boards is that Trump is punching down at his opponents.  While there is room to question the wisdom of some of his tweets, President Trump is not punching down.  He is actually punching up. Liberals have near lockstep control of the cultural heights, and everyone Trump called out is a full member of that twisted cultural cabal.  Liberals own the mainstream media, academia, the entire entertainment industry, union leadership, the government bureaucracy, the publishing...(Read Full Article)
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