USA Today's 1619 Series Is Racist, Radical, and Not Responsible

Like the New York Times' series, USA Today's major feel-good series "1619: Searching for Answers" could produce more white guilt than any revelations about slavery.  Both series were a sham, a shame, and a scheme to make living Americans feel guilt for slavery.  It was all an attempt to provide a face to the curse of slavery in America: that of Wanda Tucker, who believes she is the ancestor of one of the 20 Angolan slaves sold in America in 1619. The paper — with missionary zeal — does a yeoman's job to support Tucker's dreams, desires, and delusions even though it is a hopeless and impossible task.  Wanda is an ordained Baptist minister and college professor whose grandiose aspirations for a slave connection, if accepted as true, might promote her into historical significance.  She has about the same chance of proving her famous ancestry as one of the...(Read Full Article)
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