US Fracking Will Continue Its Forward March

The Abqaiq attack in Saudi Arabia by Iran, or one of its proxies, is the largest oil and petrochemical disruption in over fifty years.  Over 5.7 mb/d was lost, and estimates are that it will take months or weeks to return to full production.  The interruption highlights Saudi Aramco's vulnerabilities and how energy infrastructure can be shut down via military forces or environmental demonstrations like what recently occurred in Houston, Texas. The world needs U.S. fracking to continue unabated.  No other country has the stability and proven reserves like the U.S.  Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia want higher oil prices to balance their budgets.  However, the U.S. shale revolution that has upended global oil supplies and geopolitics is the deterrent to energy attacks.  American fracking has changed the world, and the U.S.-led liberal order in place for over...(Read Full Article)
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