Too Soon to Write Off Kamala Harris?

I was initially unimpressed by an opinion piece written by Trevor Loudon over a month ago, titled “The Rainbow Coalition Re-visited: Why Kamala Harris Will Be The Democratic Presidential Nominee.” It immediately turned me off by the first few sentences, which claimed that “President Donald Trump need[ed] to refocus his energies on Ms. Harris because she will be very hard to beat.”  It seemed insane to me that (once again!) a junior senator with even less national political experience than Barack Obama had at the time when he was running against Hillary Clinton, could beat the president. But after watching the last Democratic presidential debate, I re-read the article and began to reflect. Ever since the election of Donald Trump, it has become obvious that the citizens of the old American Republic and the subjects of the new American Empire can no longer coexist. We are now two separate nations with a profoundly different understanding (or lack thereof)...(Read Full Article)
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