The Philippines -- The Poland of the Pacific?

Given China’s position as a classic Asian land power and America’s role as an oceanic hegemon,  a military challenge has emerged in the near seas close to China through which the essentials of modern industrial power flow – oil, to name just one.  That means the control of the South China Sea is the next step in the establishment of a New Chinese Empire.  As in 1938, when Poland lay between the Wehrmacht and the Red Army, the Philippines is the weak point between the U.S. and China. It is common knowledge that America intends to ring the South China Sea with putative allies -- South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. A goal of our foreign policy is to unite these countries into a defensive cordon.  Meanwhile the Chinese Communist Party seems to be doing what it can to antagonize the neighbors.  Its “Nine Dash Line” ocean aggrandizement, the militarization of shoals and reefs, the bald-faced,...(Read Full Article)
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