Politicians as Folk Heroes?

A few months ago, Charles Blow -- the trite, tiresome, ponderous NY Times columnist who is the poster child for clichéd, predictable liberal talking points -- wrote an article about how President Trump has become something of a folk hero to some of his supporters. The actual substance of Blow’s article is banal and forgettable, as always, but the topic he broaches is fascinating. A “folk hero” is a figure, mythical or real, who is well known and widely admired by the people of a particular culture or nation. By that definition, it certainly could be said that President Trump qualifies, since his most devoted supporters are unusually enthusiastic. Trump’s rallies are unquestionably unique political events and the attendees definitely regard the President with far more than the usual ardor commonly accorded an elected official. However, if President Trump is a folk hero, then President Obama was unquestionably an even bigger one. President...(Read Full Article)
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