Mayor Pete Can Explain about Pro-Abortion Jesus

Democrat Pete Buttigieg's recent defense of unrestricted abortion, suggesting that "a lot" of the scriptures says "life begins with breath," came in for some well deserved ridicule from people who actually own Bibles.  Mayor Pete was willing to admit that others may interpret these verses differently, because his real argument was that the only person's opinion that matters "is the woman making the decision." This idea that "the woman" alone (or, more accurately, the mother alone) gets to decide her baby's life or death is the atheist Left's default position: because there's no God to decree what's good or evil, there's no appeal outside the individual's arbitrary will.  (And because an unborn baby is too small to assert his will, who cares about him?) Liberal Christians, compromised by their higher loyalty to the progressive cause, have been stuck for decades improvising biblical...(Read Full Article)
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