'Live Free or Die' and Government Gun 'Buybacks'

"Live free or die. Death is not the greatest of evils." —Gen. John Stark July 31st 1809 Live Free or Die. Some of us meant those words when we say them. Americans may mouth the words, but when push comes to shove, too many either really don't care or they are cowards deep down, who will allow the status quo to carry on, no matter how sorry a state of affairs has grown around it; or, their own ignorance is so deep that the God Given nature of our individual rights is beyond their grasp and understanding, and those words in the mouths of the timid, the weak and unsure become mere noises like the squeaking of a mouse eking out an advertising catch-phrase. Their words are empty and void of any sense of duty and obligation to themselves, their families and their country and what one must do to actually maintain a free society.  Today, in astounding fashion, we see a majority of the Democrats and even quite a large number of Republicans bowing to their...(Read Full Article)
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