Joe Walsh Implodes

During the summer of 2012, I campaigned for Joe Walsh.  I manned the phones for him, I went door to door for him, and I attended his events.  That October, I witnessed the third debate between Walsh and Tammy Duckworth (who would go on to win the election), which was not so much a debate than it was a large-scale shoutdown by the latter’s supporters.  Outside the event, I wasted fifteen minutes trying to get a sentence in against some rambunctious, spittle-drenched animal who mistook his arrant girth for intimidation.  I supported Joe Walsh because he had spent the previous two years in Congress doing what he had campaigned to do.  He forewent government provided healthcare for himself and his wife, in principled opposition to socialized medicine.  When in D.C., he slept on an air mattress in his office rather than use taxpayer funds to stay in posh hotels.  During his tenure, he held 363 town hall meetings, all open to the public,...(Read Full Article)
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