Hey, Dean Baquet: I Demand an '1871 Project'

The dispiriting thing about the leaked New York Times town hall meeting is that, clearly, everyone at the NYT is on board with the “1619 Project,” the fantastical notion that the whole history of the United States should be understood in terms of race and slavery. The idea, of course, is that white men are to blame for all the evils of the world. And don’t you forget it. I think, Dean old chap, that you have completely missed the point. But let us accept your narrative that the only way to understand the present is through the lens of slavery. Let us think. What has been the most egregious and monstrous eruption of slavery in history? Right the first time, Dean. Eruption Numero Uno: the Soviet Union. Eruption Numero Duo: The Peoples’ Republic of China. Total death toll, according to The Black Book of Communism, over 100 million, in the 20th Century! Wow, that’s some slavery! These two states were slave states, straight up. Slave states, Dean....(Read Full Article)
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