Greta the Angry

Those who are befuddled and beleaguered by climate nonsense look to Greta Thunberg as if she were another Joan of Arc.  Those of us who live in reality see her as being hopelessly mired in the arrogance of untruth.  Yes, Greta's childhood has been stolen from her, but it isn't America that's done that – it's her parents, who have allowed her to be prostituted in this manner.  It is the leftist politicians and their ilk, who are milking her youth and gullibility and her hunger for acceptance, who have stuck her up on a tilting pedestal.  I'm as uncomfortable watching her as I am seeing a parent mistreat a child in public.  Humiliation is coming at her like a locomotive, and no one is yanking her off the tracks. Let's explore this comparison with the French teenager who was martyred in her attempt to free France from English control.  She was a devout, if untutored and illiterate,...(Read Full Article)
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