Federal Complexity: The Bane of Health Care

U.S. healthcare has become a never-ending nightmare. Our politicians blame each other for unaffordable costs and excessive spending without ever admitting that Washington itself is the culprit. Health care as two words is the patient-doctor interaction. It encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness or injury. Health care is inherently and necessarily complex, which is why patients need doctors. Healthcare as one word is the system. It too is incomprehensibly complex, but its complexity is intentional, artificial, unnecessary, and a massive waste of money. If the patient (buyer) and doctor (seller) were connected directly without a third-party (payer) in between, healthcare complexity would virtually disappear. Healthcare systems exist to organize, finance, and oversee medical care for people. In effect, healthcare exists to facilitate health... care. As Americans have learned from bitter experience, our system doesn’t work: we pay too much, we get...(Read Full Article)
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