Does LGBTQ Cultural Supremacy Enable High-Risk Behavior?

On 9/12/19, the Drudge Report offered its readers a link entitled "Trans Deaths Take Toll in USA."  The link is to an article by Martha Waggoner about the robbery and murder on 6/5/19 of a 23-year-old man named Avery Scurlock during a late-night hookup with a stranger.  Though Mr. Scurlock is now being claimed as a "trans" martyr, the article contents suggest that it is by no means certain that the young man suffered such a simplistic and radical dislocation of sex identity as transgenderism or, more correctly, transsexualism.

Avery did not identify as female to his family or friends and had told his mother he was "gay."  There is a photograph of him online apparently wearing masculine clothing and light makeup.  He employed a dramatis persona he named Chanel when wearing opposite-sex embellishments in public.  The article assigns Avery the postmortem identity of a "trans woman," and because scientific inquiry into the complex states of sex identity and sexual orientation is prohibited, this politically useful label of "trans woman" cannot be challenged.

Ms. Waggoner's article illustrates two tenets of LGBTQ cultural supremacy.  One tenet is that  tragedy befalling LGBTQ people and their families is more important and pitiable than tragedy befalling non-LGBTQ people and families.  The ascendancy of this tenet has drained away compassion from the American character, especially compassion for children.  The other tenet promotes moral exceptionalism, in effect a distinctly lower moral standard for  sexuality minorities than for the majority.  It says that aberrant behavior such as public cross-dressing, exaggerated public expression of sexuality, glamorizing LGBTQ lifestylism to children, and even transgenerational sexual abuse are affirmative freedoms for LGBTQ people but offensive or even criminal in non-LGBTQ people.  This tenet, on full display in Ms. Waggoner's article, did not create the evil that took Avery's life.  But it may have enabled him to go to places where such evil was bound to engulf him.

As we can assume about a writer for the AP, Ms. Waggoner is a paltering leftist.  She opens with an aspersion of white supremacy against rural North Carolinians.  "He was young and black in a society where those qualities could make him vulnerable."  Which society would that be?  Avery lived with his mother Brenda in the tiny town of Lumber Bridge.  Lumber Bridge is listed in the 2010 Census as population 94, 82% white and 16% black.  Does Ms. Waggoner imagine that the approximately 77 white people are racially persecuting their 15 black neighbors?

On the night he died, Avery went out for Chinese food with a friend at the relatively big town of St. Paul's.  The last Census says there are 2,038 souls in St. Paul's, 49% white and 51% non-white.  Is that where Avery encountered the white supremacy that made him vulnerable?  The AP employs a reporter who fundamentally despises the people of rural North Carolina and defames them as racist to all the world.  She is blind to the truth that these Americans live in harmony and brotherhood in multi- and mixed-race communities and have for many years.

The article tells us Avery was "one of 18 transgender people slain so far this year in the U.S., according to the Human Rights Campaign."  That is a tragic loss of life.  Let's remember another devastated family in the same county in which Avery died.  On 11/5/18, a 13-year-old girl named Hania was abducted from the driveway of her home and brutally murdered.  The Drudge Report did not link to an article about this heinous crime.  On 7/9/19, a one-year-old baby named Jadalyn was beaten and murdered.  Her teenage father is lodged in the same jail as is Avery's alleged killer.  The baby was so horrifically beaten, apparently, that the investigators had to be placed on leaves of absence following their reports.  The Human Rights Campaign had nothing to say about Jadalyn's murder.

There are about 2,000 child fatalities every year in the USA from abuse and neglect.  Can you remember the last time the Drudge Report linked to an article highlighting this fact?  With the understanding that every human life, pre- and post-born, is equally and infinitely precious, let's estimate the relative toll of "trans" deaths highlighted in the Drudge link relative to all murders in our nation.  In each year of 2015 and 2016, slightly over 17,000 post-born intentional homicides were reported in the USA.  The 18 murders of reported "trans" adults in 2019 constitute approximately 0.1% of all homicides in the USA in a typical year.  In truth, the Drudge Report and all other left-wing outlets focus on murder only when it serves either the LGBTQ supremacy or the anti-gun narrative.

The article notes that Ms. Sarah McBride, the Human Rights Campaign national press secretary, stepped forward to explain this tragedy to us all.  "When transphobia mixes with misogyny and systemic racism, it can often have deadly consequences."  Misogyny?  Racism?  Avery was not in "sex change" therapy.  Avery was a black man allegedly murdered by another black man.  Ms. McBride is also quoted telling us transgender people "are more likely to live on the edges of society and take chances."  Avery Scurlock did not live on the edges of society.  He lived with a loving mother in the context of a close family and friends.

McBride says "a transgender woman named Chanel was more likely to risk meeting a stranger in the dark along a lonely road."  This malevolent manipulation subtly implies that Avery's condition forced him to take such chances.  The dehumanizing and dangerous messages of LGBTQ cultural supremacy and moral exceptionalism playing out on the internet enabled Avery to place himself in clear and present danger.

The article doesn't tell us anything about who Avery Scurlock actually was.  Did he go to school?  Did he have a job?  Was he becoming an adult to help and serve others, which is the only source of happiness in life?  The article doesn't tell us because the people who created it don't care who Avery was.  They care only to exploit his death for a political agenda.

Brenda Scurlock is quoted: "I told him not to meet up with anybody.  I told him it was dangerous."  Why didn't Avery listen to the mother he dearly loved?  Because, through no fault of mother or son, his Christian moral heritage has been obliterated and replaced by anti-moral cults that worship sexuality and enable degeneracy and danger.

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