LGBTQ Marginalization of Children and America's Apathy Towards Autism

There has never been an epidemic in American history to compare with the prevalence and costs of the ever worsening autism crisis.  There has never been a time when the American people, as a unified nation, don't seem to care.  Fundamentally, the stunning national failure to rally science and charity to conquer autism has resulted from a cultural marginalization of children, especially handicapped children.  The tragic collapse of national humanitarian prioritizing of children is a devastating side-effect of the obsessive focus on LGBTQ cultural supremacy and the mindless apportionment of government, media and private resources to serve the ends of LGBTQ sociopolitical exceptionalism.  In America today, queers are in; kids are out.

After years of using shoddy statistical methods designed to under-report autism, the CDC released the statistic in 2019 that 1 in 28 American boys suffers from the disorder.  From a recap of the report by a prominent pediatrician:

What I find unusual about the CDC report is that it states "there was not a statistically significant change in the prevalence of children ever diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder from 2014 to 2016."  However, the report shows it increased from 1 in 45 to 1 in 36.  By trying to say that there is no significant increase, is the government hoping to reassure people that autism isn't a significant problem?  That the rising number of children with autism isn't something that anyone has to worry about?  Are they trying to avoid a panic?

One theory is that resources are withheld from autism research because of autism's anecdotal linkage to vaccines.  There's another explanation: handicapped kids no longer rank at the top of social justice priorities.  The environment, not genetics, changes fast enough to account for a spectacular increase in a once rare neurological disorder, as increasing numbers of children are unable to handle toxic exposures.  So when will panic begin?  When autism is 1 in 10?  One in three?  Scientific neglect of autism would not be tolerated if handicapped children were the highest priority to progressivist cultural values. 

The two leading causes of social progressivism are abortion and LGBTQ rights.  Both of these amount to lifestyle entitlements for adults.  Both tear down the belief that to love and protect children is life's highest calling.  LGBTQ lifestylism encourages people quite able to marry and have children to choose the easier path of a same-sex relationship.  Abortion rights are mainly a spiritual question, while the LGBTQ movement is a cultural imperative.  Spirituality is God's problem; culture is man's problem.  But for the LGBTQ cultural supremacy movement, the leading scientists of this day would be knocking each other out of the way to solve the riddle of autism. They are not because America has lost its soul in the dank mental prisons of abortionism and obsessive LGBTQ exceptionalism.

For the last fifty years, Americans have been subjected to a cultural revolution regarding LGBTQ privileging that would be the envy of a North Korean brainwasher.  Today's post-tolerance LGBTQ cultural hegemony produces bigotry, selfishness, and mistreatment of children that were unthinkable even twenty years ago.

Evil church lady Peter Buttigieg thrusts forth his chestral area in a religious superiority dance.  As ECL Buttigieg directly condemns diversity of belief, he indirectly mistreats all children.  Buttigieg has the all-powerful orificial seal of approval.  More money is being dumped on his head than on Obama's favorite mullah.  Though Buttigieg supports perinatal homicide, he is still a better Christian than you.  Buttigieg has no children and can acquire only motherless trophy children.  (Only illegal alien children desperately need their mothers.  Other children, not so much.)

Cory Booker observed, "We need more conversation about transgenders, especially black transgenders."  How many black transgenders in New Jersey are there compared to New Jerseyites who are struggling to help family members with autism?  Cory Booker has never had children, nor has Kamala Harris or her nemesis Tulsi Gabbard.  Marianne Williamson has one child.  Though she can't get the orificial seal, her public service work is slavishly LGBTQ-oriented.  Peter Yang has a child with autism, but his ideas do not reach beyond pittance socialism.  The NIH admits that HIV/AIDS funding at 10% of the entire budget year after year is disproportionate relative to the impact of what is essentially a gay STD.  If Mr. Yang dared suggest taking a dime from HIV/AIDS to unlock the secrets of autism and help children like his son, he would be committing political suicide.

Here are a few examples of the antagonism between LGBTQ cultural supremacy and the welfare of children.  LGBTQ purses are paying adult men dressed in misogynistic, grotesque costuming to groom children in public libraries for sex-oriented confusion.  Then there's the claque of bigots called the U.S. Women's Soccer team.  They admit they kicked a player off the team because she refused to pledge devotion to their sexual politics.  What kind of mothers could they become, entrained in the selfishness of no higher calling than their own LGBTQ specialness?

The cause of the devastating 1916 New York City polio epidemic is still debated by epidemiologists.  It was extraordinary because of the lethality of the virus and the distinct cluster of apartments in Brooklyn, New York where the outbreak arose.  Today, it is believed that the virus passaged into Brooklyn by laboratory workers mishandling rhesus monkeys at nearby Rockefeller University.  Ground zero apartments were quarantined and addresses published in the newspapers.  As I read the addresses, I wondered if my mother's apartment was one in the original outbreak.  She was nine months old in June 1916, at her sickest with polio.  My grandmother, who was illiterate and feared public health authorities, but with instinctive wisdom, spent hours pressing my mother's tiny legs in hopes of maintaining their capacity to move.

I heard many stories from my mother about growing up as a poor child with polio, all devoid of bitterness and filled with gratitude: her special access to education, the honored status of her braces in the family, and summer trips to mansions on the Jersey shore for parties for "crippled" children.  The happiest period of her childhood was spent in the care of doctors and nurses she adored.  Her left ankle, knee, and hip were fused, so she could walk by swinging her body forward.

Let's compare the national responses to polio and autism spectrum.  (The word "spectrum" betokens a dearth of science.  Asperger's disorder was just voted by committee onto the spectrum.)  On January 3, 1938, President Roosevelt created The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.  Today, no politician of either party is identified with research or charitable work for autistic children.  Roosevelt's Foundation was renamed the March of Dimes by the performer Eddie Cantor, just one of an onslaught of America's biggest stars who lent their prestige to the March of Dimes.  Not a single celebrity today is associated with fundraising to conquer autism.  No Jerry Lewis telethon or Danny Thomas St. Jude's for autism.  LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS remain the obsessive focus of American celebrities.

By 1939, fifty thousand small private contributions were sent to the White House to battle polio.  No such contributions are sent to conquer autism; there's nowhere to send them.  Polio vaccines were developed thanks to private funding of research.  The number of children who contracted polio will become a fraction of 1% of those with brains damaged by autism.  There is zero private funding of research for the incomparably more prevalent pandemic.

In post-scarcity America, parties for crippled children are no longer needed; science is more necessary than ever.  The totalitarian dogma of LGBTQ cultural supremacy has marginalized children, especially handicapped children, and is deflecting science away from the devastating pandemic of autism.