Canada's Legal System Descends Deeper into LGBT Insanity

Leave it to Canada to make genital waxing a political and "legal" issue.  The infamous British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) is seriously considering a claim of "gender identity" discrimination by a man named Jonathan ("Jessica") Yaniv.  His complaint?  Since he "identifies" as a woman, he says women's salons had no right to refuse to wax his intact male genitals. Since LGBT politics are genital-based, it's not surprising that things have devolved to the point where B.C.'s quasi-judicial human rights apparatus — AKA kangaroo court — is taking this man's complaint seriously.  But since there is no reality to "gender identity," the courts (whether in Canada or the U.S.) haven't been able to devise and are not bound by a set legal definition.  The kangaroos running the show can make it up as they go. The...(Read Full Article)
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